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We are Rob & Karen, we’ve been sailing the world for the past 10 years and now back home in Australia we will be spending time discovering and exploring this big vast beautiful country by road.
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Inches from disaster: One of the many adventure stories when a couple live their dream on the ocean

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About Us

Hi, We are an Aussie couple that sold up everything and went sailing 10 years ago. Running short of money we popped back to Austalia to do some Wwwwwork. But like everyone COVID disrupted our plans. No long able to sail overseas we have built a Renault Master LWB into our “landyacht” nicknamed “Froggie” and plan to see parts of this big island called Australia
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We love to read your comments, tell us your plans, where you plan to travel or ask us a question …. we will be sure to get back to you 😊👇

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