Van Conversion Interior Ideas

If making the bed every night is not for you then a permanent bed arrangement is a must. If you don’t want to be toileting in your galley space well there are a number of options available. Getting your design right for you prior to starting your build is the most important part of the build. 

Here are 6 of our favourites, they are a varied bunch but have one thing that groups them together…. They are liveable, giving plenty of storage, access to a bathroom and look gorgeous 

Nigel and Sue are exploring Australia in a converted 4X4 Sprinter. @nas_adventures. Warm and welcoming with a mix of timber finishes, the raw timber blends well with the white panel board. All the convenience of home can be found in this great conversion. 

DirKerk and Danny Kerk are currently spending time on the Baltic Sea. These guys have a luxury fit out modern and sleek which will suit those who like the minimalist in decor 

@makai.the.van currently in Portugal. What we love about this conversion is the simplistic approach but ticks all the boxes of what is needed to live comfortably in a van. 

Organisation is the key to being able to share a small space with others on a long term basis. These guys @wandering.woods have been able to pack so much into their build to include work spaces and well as leisure activities. 

Though not living full time in their van @objetivocamper travel extensively with their children in tow. If you feel living with just your partner maybe a struggle checkout how these guys organise their lives to live comfortably while travelling.

We love how Van life can be so inventive, where ensuites are getting bigger in houses, Van Conversions are finding inventive ways to fit one into the smallest of places. @white.van_no.plan have done just that finding space for the little luxuries.  

If you would like to ride along with us whether it be on the high seas or on a dusty road out west, consider being a patreon find out about it here 👉 Dreamtime Patreon every little bit helps to keep us on the road producing Youtube and writing blogs we hope you enjoy them. We love to read your comments if you have any questions pop them below, we will be sure to get back to you.


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