Van Specifications & build inclusions at a glance – Full Budget

Each van build is unique in its own way and is tailored to the owners needs and wants. Our van has inclusions that may not be for everyone, or they maybe an inspiration for your own traveling home on wheels.

Would we do things differently if we had our time again? Sure there are always ways we could improve how we did things. Are we pleased with the result? Absolutely it ticks all of the boxes we wanted 😊


  • 2020 Renault Master LWB x62 – 6 speed Auto/Manual. It is a second-hand van, bought in 2021 with 8000 klm on the clock, having only been used for 5 months prior to us purchasing. It was a really good find, coming with low mileage and warranty.
  • 3.72 meters loading bay and 1.89 meters high roof– There are around 5 centimetres of clearing space between the roof and Rob’s head.

Kitchen and Appliance

  • 2 burner cooker with oven – As a avid cook, it was important for Karen to have a good oven so she could continue cooking whilst on the road. The oven is a nice size, it can fit a roasting pan in, which means we can enjoy a Sunday roast.
  • External Gas Locker – a external locker was cut into the cab just behind the drivers door. It is only accessible through a locked exterior door with vents to the exterior incase of any leaks. This is a safety requirement for gas certification.
  • 2 Slide-out drawers under the stove – one drawer is where we store our herbs, spices. It’s a great space-saver, as the draw is just high enough to hold the jars face up, easy to find easy to use. The second drawer is where the pots and pans are kept, being directly under the cooker allows easy access to what you need when cooking.
  • Another 4 deep drawers – hold, plates, cutlery, mugs, cups, wine glasses. There is enough space for electric beater, small food processor and blender for baking and juicing. 
  • Under the sink – is a double door cupboard this holds the greywater tank and the usual cleaning products, a fold up bucket and a fold up sink as well as the larger items like salad bowls, platters etc ..
  • 2 overheads – complete the kitchen storage this is where pantry dry goods are stored.
  • all the cupboards and draws are secured with magnetic locks. These are “armed” whilst underway and “deactivated“ when we are parked.
  • Pine benchtop – 1 square meters. Ideal for slicing and dicing, the stove has a hinged counter top that provides further bench space when required.
  • Fridge – we chose a box fridge that has two compartments it can be used as fridge/freezer or as fridge or freezer. Mainly it is used just as a fridge as fresh provisions are bought along the way. The box fridge is cleverly hidden in the purpose built slide out cabinet. This can slide all the way out or in and forms one of the dinning seats.
  • Interior table – This table slides under the bed. It is multi-purpose – we use it for both dining and as an editing desk, card table or for Karen to paint. Under the table is a long drawer that holds tableware.
  • Under this draw is a huge cupboard, which stores, board games, shoes, wine, spirits, drone, backpacks, camera gear and laptops.
  • Tiled splashback – When we were looking around at different van designs, we noticed that most stuck to a white theme. This is intended to make the space feel bigger and brighter, which is understandable. However, we wanted to add a bit of pizazz to our van so they fitted a lantern splashback in various shades of pastel colours. We used “Stick on Luxury” as a weight saver. Initially, this was Karen’s idea, but it’s now one of Rob’s favourite features of the van.
  • Deep sink– Ideal for washing the big pots and pans that we use whilst cooking. The additional drainer is awesome, whilst cooking you have a ready make area for hot items.
  • Fold out benchtop – This sits on the front of the kitchen cupboard. The extra countertop space means we have an extra area to serve when using the BBQ. It is also perfect for mixing drinks at Sundown.
  • Privacy Screen pulls down providing privacy to the cab area.
  • Canisters to hold all the essentials like tea and coffee, are at easy reach under the overhead cupboards
  • 2 x LED down-lights to the work bench areas and 1 x LED bar-light over sink area.
  • Double 240v powerpoint which works off the inverter. Using an Electric Kettle, toaster are no problem.
  • 1 x USB Charge outlet.


  • Fixed bed– The bed length is actually 202cm long by 158cm wide. The innerspring mattress is big enough for two people, and allows Rob to fully stretch out. 
  • Bed position – Having the bed length ways allows for ease of getting to the toilet through out the night without disturbing each other. This was one of Karen’s decisions as she has been climbing over Rob to access the bathroom on the boat for the last 10 years and it really isn’t ideal for a good nights sleep.
  • LED reading light with addition USB charge outlet.
  • Curtains to the rear for extra privacy or to filter the morning sun.
  • MaxxFan for air circulation.


  • Fold down slide out – When designing the van, a shower was one of our ‘must-haves’. It was important that we could come home after a long day of adventuring and be able to easily take a shower without having to go searching for somewhere to wash. The bathroom space is at the back of the van between the barn doors. We chose this design as it meant we didn’t have to compromise on the other things we wanted. The bathroom consists of a Joolca instant gas hot water system and a porta loo which slides out from under the bunk in the garage area. It has a privacy enclosure that drops from the roof rack, or has its own separate room when the annex is up.
  • Bathroom storage – behind the toilet is another compartment that holds our towels, extra linen and toilet paper etc. Directly above the toilet (in it’s closed position) is a slide out wire rack that holds all of our toiletries. Easy to reach and use whilst having a shower.
  • Clothesline – an extendable clothes line is hooked on one side of a barn door and extends to the other. This is handy for drying off towels, swimwear and the occasional hand washing.

Power and Electrical

Don’t reinvent the wheel, there is so much great info on the internet. We used the information from Exporist.Life
  • 1 x 400-watt SunPower solar panel –  installed on the roof rack on the van, it is connected to a Renogy solar controller. SunPower are new generation with an industry-leading warranty and an estimated 40-year useful life.
  • 200 amp power Invictor lithium battery– Initially Rob thought we would need two batteries because we are very power-hungry. But it turns out that we only needs one. From the battery, we run the 12v and 240v system.
  • 2000-watt Renogy inverter charger – This feeds the 240vlt system i.e the 240 volt power points.
  • 3 ways of powering the battery: the sun, charging relay DC/DC that’s hooked up the alternator when we are driving, and external shore power socket for when we have mains power available.
  • Shore power socket– This is fitted onto the side of the van. It allows us to plug into family and friend’s electricity supply or if we are in a paid van park.
  • Lights – 8 x 12 volt LED down lights and 1 LED rechargeable bar light over the sink.
  • 2 x reading lights with USB charging facilities for our devices.
  • 4 USB charging points in living area.
  • 2 USB charging points in bedroom area.
  • 2 Cig charging points in bedroom area.
  • 4 x 240 Power points that run off inverter or 240 shore power in living area.
  • 2 x 240 exterior Power Points in garage, handy for recharging tools, vacuum cleaner or compressor.


  • Maxx Air fan– This can either pull air in or push air out. It was an expensive purchase but works really well.
  • Other – A 12 volt rechargeable fan that can also circulate more air if required.

Water System

  • 2 x 86 litre freshwater tanks – We enjoy going off-grid for extended periods, so we needed to install larger tanks. We still do have to be conservative while we are on the road and not near a water source, but our tanks meets out needs.
  • Tankless water heater – The Joolca system has its own temperature gauge, which was a selling point for Karen as she enjoys really hot showers. It also means we can fill our sink with really hot water for washing dishes. 
  • Water fill station – secured on the inside of the barn doors Rob fitted a water fill station. It also has a carbon water filter to purify the water before it goes into the tank. There is a power switch right at the filler so you can turn the water-pump off if required.
  • Water Pump – a 12 volt water pump is fitted in the garage that supplies good water pressure to the kitchen sink and Joolca system. A quick fit bayonet connection allows for easy water supply to a hose if required.

Gas System

  • 4kg gas tank– The tank is mounted in a special gas locker which is vented to the outside. It has three outlets, constant supply to the cooker and two quick fixtures one for the BBQ and one for the Joolca hot water supply. It lasts a couple of months, on average.
  • The gas lines – run to 3 positions. 1 x Stove, 2 x quick fit bayonet fittings one for the BBQ and the other for the Joolca hot water system. These are located conveniently for ease of use.

Clothes Storage

  • Wardrobe– our wardrobe space consists of four large overhead rattan cupboards, and 6 cane basket drawers, plus 4 hooks for hats. Under the slide out table there is a large cupboard which combined with other items like wine, projector, board games holds shoes and boots.


  • Pull out seat– where the fridge is housed. This transforms the seating area into a dinning space and allows us to stretch out. The other seat is fixed and houses the water tanks.
  • Movie Screen – doubling as a privacy screen between the living and cab is a pull down 3D movie screen. With a small wifi projector anything that our devices can stream we can watch on the big screen.
  • Curtains – can be drawn across the back of the van to keep out the early morning sun.
  • Insulation – insulation is one of the most important elements of the build. We used one layer of air cell, followed by insulation batts and then another layer of air cell before the VJ lining sheets went in.
  • Flooring – the floor consists of a layers of sound deadening, insulation, yellow tongue floor sheet and then in the garage area carpet tiles for more sound proofing and the living area waterproof vinyl planks with a timber look finish.


  • Fold down back deck – we feel this is one of the best features on our van build. The deck doubles up for the bathroom, a drinks area for sundowners, extra dinning space, or to just chill out space for yoga or reading.
  • Access to shower externally – This is ideal for washing our dirty feet after a day out and for doing hand washing.
  • Large Box Storage – Space for inflatable stand up paddle board and kayak, annex privacy screen and full annex
  • Other garage storage – BBQ, 2 x Camp seats, Camp table, hammock, ramps, ironing board 🙄, awning handle.
  • Double 30-amp plugin– This is great for changing tools, using the air compressor or for extra lights.
  • Tow bar– we at times will tow our bike trailer. The bike trailer houses our Harley Davidson.
  • Storage drawer – 1300 mm length storage drawer which holds bulk food items and the hot water system items when not in use. Water hose and extra tools.
  • Garage concealment – Karen made a drop down curtain that Velcro together. They can be rolled up together, individually or taken off completely to access the garage area
  • Lighting – Motion sensor lights are fitted under the bed frame allowing for good light to find things and to light the bathroom at night.
  • Electrical system – all of the renogy electrical system is housed in the garage.


  • Safety First – We have fitted a number of items that keep us safe. Smoke detector, fire blanket, fire extinguisher, first aid kit and a carbon monoxide indicator.


  • Annex – Barn door annex that provides 2 x extra rooms, encloses the back of the van and is free standing so we can drive away and come back after a day of touring to our reserved campsite. It is fully screened for bugs and has curtains. We imported it from the UK as it is not available in Australia.
  • 3.5m Fiamma awning– This extends 2.5 meters away from the van and has a full length privacy screen. Weather sealed to the van for no drips down the van allowing the van sliding door to be open in most weather conditions.
  • 2 x Living in a Bubble magnetic screens. Both fit the slider and barn door openings.
  • Full Roof rack that supports the Solar Panel. Room for our favourite toys, surfboard, kayak and a waterproof storage unit. But it’s also a great place to take in the sunset.
  • ladder on rear door for access to the roof.

Special Features that we love ❤️ 

  • The Timber fold down deck– it is such a versatile area.
  • Free standing Annex – This makes a huge difference during rainy days, free camping, security and privacy.
  • Cell phone signal booster– This is a big necessity when you live and work from your phone/computer. It helps to boost the signal of your devices and ensure that you have good WiFi. We swap this back and forth from our boat.
  • (Yet to come) Cool wrap – we love our standout Van wrap that has been designed for us. COVID has held up the instillation of this but can wait for it 👍

On our Product Page you will find links to most of the materials used in the build. Handy if you want to do more research about the items we chose.

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