Tasmania will have to wait we are on the road to Gundagai

First discovered by European explorers in the 1820s, Gundagai has a proud history, and more than any other Australian town, Gundagai has proved an irresistible subject for poets and songwriters. Even the likes of Banjo Patterson were inspired by stories of drovers, bullock teams  and bush travellers in the Gundagai area.

The town is immortalised through poems and songs such as Where the Dog Sits on the Tuckerbox, and Along the Road to Gundagai and is perhaps most famous for its monument to the early pioneers, the iconic Dog on the TuckerBox. Unfortunately we were unable to call in to pat the ol’ fellow on the head as it is currently under restoration after it was vandalised in late 2019. ABC news story 

We were warmly welcomed when we arrived in this historic town on our way to Tasmania. The township is picturesque with heritage buildings and beautiful landscaped streets. The pretty as a picture, free campsite located on Oibell Street along the banks of Morely’s Creek, was just what we needed.

Arriving early afternoon we found a number of vans already set up enjoying the peaceful setting. Still plenty of room and with more to arrive later, we never felt hemmed in. Each of us taking in a view of either the creek or the paddocks and heritage rail bridge. We were fortunate to have chosen a view of the paddocks and bridge, in the melting sun it was tantalising. 

The campsite is open to all self-contained Van, Caravan, or RV’s as there are no facilities. Gundagai township offer this park to travellers for 48 hours allowing time for you to discover their famous history. We were pleased to have arrived earlier in the afternoon giving us an opportunity to enjoy our surroundings. 

But ….. Unfortunately we are still on that march south, however we did take some photos for you to view and we will leave you with some famous words from Slim Dusty and Banjo Patterson about Gundagai. 

Hope you enjoy them. 

Well there’s a track winding back to an old fashioned shack

Along the road to Gundagai

Where the gum trees are growin’ and the Murrumbidgee’s flowin’

Beneath the sunny sky

There’s my mother and daddy are waitin’ for me

And the pals of my childhood once more I will see

And no more will I roam ‘cos I’m headin’ right for home

Along the road to Gundagai

(Here we go)

There’s my mother and daddy are waitin’ for me

And the pals of my childhood once more I will see

And no more will I roam ‘cos I’m headin’ right for home

Along the road to Gundagai

  • Slim Dusty

I’ve shore at Burrabogie, and I’ve shore at Toganmain, 

I’ve shore at big Willandra and upon the old Coleraine, 

But before the shearin’ was over I’ve wished myself back, again 

Shearin’ for old Tom Patterson, on the One Tree Plain. 

All among the wool, boys, 

Keep your wide blades full, boys, 

I can do a respectable tally myself whenever I like to try, 

But they know me round the back blocks as Flash Jack from Gundagai. 

I’ve shore at big Willandra and I’ve shore at Tilberoo, 

And once I drew my blades, my boys, upon the famed Barcoo, 

At Cowan Downs and Trida, as far as Moulamein, 

But I always was glad to get back again to the One Tree Plain. 

I’ve pinked ’em with the Wolseleys and I’ve rushed with B-bows, too, 

And shaved ’em in the grease, my boys, with the grass seed showing through. 

But I never slummed my pen, my lads, whate’er it might contain, 

While shearin’ for old Tom Patterson, on the One Tree Plain. 

I’ve been whalin’ up the Lachlan, and I’ve dossed on Cooper’s Creek, 

And once I rung Cudjingie shed, and blued it in a week. 

But when Gabriel blows his trumpet, lads, I’ll catch the morning train, 

And I’ll push for old Tom Patterson’s, on the One Tree Plain.

  • Banjo Patterson 

You can see more of our photo’s in ”The Gallery” page

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Join us next time when we travel roads that honour our service men and women


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